Our world has been suffering from more upheaval than most of us alive today can wrap our heads around.

This has left many of us in a state of turmoil and confusion about how to amend both our lives and our magical practices. I have even had students ask me if it’s even worth practicing magic during a time like this. There seems to be this fear that magic is only useful in creating minor changes in your life or creating only a slight amount of breathing room but magic has far, far more power and applicability in situations such as these. 

Most people come to witchcraft because they feel powerless. 

Feeling as though you do not have the power to create the life that you want to live or change situations that you find painful is an incredible driving force. When we have no mundane recourse for solving these problems and creating the life that we want, inevitably we find our ways to solutions that are outside of the mundane. It is no accident that most of the magical practices that exist throughout the history of the United States come from sectors of the population that are poor, people of color, and other minorities. When you take the freedom and liberty from a human being and cast them into a situation where they are or feel completely powerless they will, time and time again, turn to magic. 

That is what magic is at its core. It is a way to solve problems in your life that have no good mundane solution. 

This means that now, when we have such unfathomably large problems in our world, the witch or magician is perfectly in their element. 

It's time for you to claim your power.

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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. How Can Magic Help?

    3. Magic On The Global Scale

    1. Returning To Your Power

    2. What Is Power?

    3. Get Rooted In Reality

    4. Shift Your Focus

    5. Are You Playing The Victim?

    6. Think Outside The Box

    1. Anxiety & Fear

    2. Working With Anxiety

    3. Anxiety Meditation

    1. Money Magic

    2. Protecting Your Money

    3. Calling In New Money

    4. Money Magic Pitfalls

    5. Counterbalancing Lack

    6. Tracking Your Beliefs

    7. Daily Abundance Ritual

    1. Final Thoughts

    2. Resources

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